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wxPGCellRenderer Class Reference

#include <propgrid.h>

Inheritance diagram for wxPGCellRenderer:


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Detailed Description

Base class for wxPropertyGrid cell renderers.

Definition at line 498 of file propgrid.h.

Public Types

enum  { Selected = 0x00010000, Control = 0x00020000 }

Public Member Functions

void DecRef ()
virtual void DrawCaptionSelectionRect (wxDC &dc, int x, int y, int w, int h) const
void DrawEditorValue (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, int xOffset, const wxString &text, wxPGProperty *property, const wxPGEditor *editor) const
void DrawText (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, int imageWidth, const wxString &text) const
virtual wxSize GetImageSize (const wxPGProperty *property, int column, int item) const
void IncRef ()
int PreDrawCell (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, const wxPGCell &cell, int flags) const
virtual void Render (wxDC &dc, const wxRect &rect, const wxPropertyGrid *propertyGrid, wxPGProperty *property, int column, int item, int flags) const =0
 wxPGCellRenderer (unsigned int refCount=1)

Private Attributes

unsigned int m_refCount

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