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wxPGChoiceEntry Class Reference

#include <propgrid.h>

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Detailed Description

Attributes of a single wxPGChoices choice.

Definition at line 3313 of file propgrid.h.

Public Member Functions

const wxColour & GetBgCol () const
const wxBitmap & GetBitmap () const
const wxColour & GetFgCol () const
const wxString & GetText () const
int GetValue () const
void SetBgCol (const wxColour &col)
void SetBitmap (const wxBitmap &bitmap)
void SetFgCol (const wxColour &col)
void SetText (const wxString &text)
void SetValue (int value)
 wxPGChoiceEntry (const wxString &label, int value, const wxBitmap &bitmap, const wxColour &fgCol=wxNullColour, const wxColour &bgCol=wxNullColour)
 wxPGChoiceEntry (const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
 wxPGChoiceEntry (const wxPGChoiceEntry &entry)

Protected Attributes

wxColour m_bgCol
wxBitmap m_bitmap
wxColour m_fgCol
wxString m_text
int m_value

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