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wxPGChoices Class Reference

#include <propgrid.h>

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Detailed Description

Helper class for managing choices for properties.

Each entry can have label, value, bitmap, text colour, and background colour.

wxPGChoices uses reference counting, similar to other wxWidgets classes. This means, that assignment and copy constructor only copy the reference and not the actual data. Call Copy() member function to create a real copy.

If you do not specify value for entry, index is used.

Definition at line 3428 of file propgrid.h.

Public Types

typedef long ValArrItem

Public Member Functions

wxPGChoiceEntryAdd (const wxPGChoiceEntry &entry)
wxPGChoiceEntryAdd (const wxString &label, const wxBitmap &bitmap, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
wxPGChoiceEntryAdd (const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void Add (const wxArrayString &arr, const wxArrayInt &arrint)
void Add (const wxArrayString &arr, const ValArrItem *values=NULL)
void Add (const wxChar **labels, const ValArrItem *values=NULL)
wxPGChoiceEntryAddAsSorted (const wxString &label, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
void Assign (const wxPGChoices &src)
void AssignData (wxPGChoicesData *data)
void Clear ()
wxPGChoices Copy () const
void EnsureData ()
wxPGChoicesData * ExtractData ()
unsigned int GetCount () const
wxPGChoicesData * GetData ()
wxPGChoicesData * GetDataPtr () const
wxPGChoicesId GetId () const
wxArrayInt GetIndicesForStrings (const wxArrayString &strings, wxArrayString *unmatched=NULL) const
const wxString & GetLabel (unsigned int ind) const
wxArrayString GetLabels () const
int GetValue (unsigned int ind) const
wxArrayInt GetValuesForStrings (const wxArrayString &strings) const
int Index (int val) const
int Index (const wxString &str) const
wxPGChoiceEntryInsert (const wxPGChoiceEntry &entry, int index)
wxPGChoiceEntryInsert (const wxString &label, int index, int value=wxPG_INVALID_VALUE)
bool IsOk () const
wxPGChoiceEntryItem (unsigned int i)
const wxPGChoiceEntryItem (unsigned int i) const
void operator= (const wxPGChoices &a)
const wxPGChoiceEntryoperator[] (unsigned int i) const
wxPGChoiceEntryoperator[] (unsigned int i)
void RemoveAt (size_t nIndex, size_t count=1)
void Set (const wxArrayString &labels, const wxArrayInt &values=wxPG_EMPTY_ARRAYINT)
void Set (wxArrayString &arr, const long *values=(const long *) NULL)
void Set (const wxChar **labels, const long *values=NULL)
void SetExclusive ()
 wxDEPRECATED (bool HasValue(unsigned int i) const )
 wxDEPRECATED (bool HasValues() const )
 wxPGChoices (wxPGChoicesData *data)
 wxPGChoices (const wxArrayString &labels, const wxArrayInt &values=wxPG_EMPTY_ARRAYINT)
 wxPGChoices (const wxChar **labels, const long *values=NULL)
 wxPGChoices (const wxPGChoices &src)
 wxPGChoices ()
 ~wxPGChoices ()

Protected Member Functions

void Free ()
void Init ()

Protected Attributes

wxPGChoicesData * m_data

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