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void wxPGProperty::SetAttribute ( const wxString &  name,
wxVariant  value 
) [inherited]

Sets an attribute for this property. There are both common attributes and property class specific ones. For list of common attributes, see wxPropertyGridInterface::SetPropertyAttribute().

Settings attribute's value to Null variant will simply remove it from property's set of attributes.

Definition at line 1600 of file propgrid.cpp.

References wxPGProperty::DoSetAttribute(), wxPGAttributeStorage::Set(), and wxPG_EX_WRITEONLY_BUILTIN_ATTRIBUTES.

Referenced by wxPropertyGridPopulator::AddAttribute(), wxPGProperty::SetAttributes(), and wxPGProperty::SetDefaultValue().

    if ( DoSetAttribute( name, value ) )
        // Support working without grid, when possible
        if ( wxPGGlobalVars->HasExtraStyle( wxPG_EX_WRITEONLY_BUILTIN_ATTRIBUTES ) )

    m_attributes.Set( name, value );

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