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virtual int wxPGProperty::GetChoiceInfo ( wxPGChoiceInfo *  choiceinfo  )  [virtual, inherited]

Returns current value's index to the choice control. May also return, through pointer arguments, strings that should be inserted to that control. Irrelevant to classes which do not employ wxPG_EDITOR(Choice) or similar.

  • If returns NULL in choices, then this class must be derived from wxBaseEnumProperty.
  • Must not crash even if property's set of choices is uninitialized (i.e. it points to wxPGGlobalVars->m_emptyConstants).

Reimplemented in wxEnumProperty, wxFlagsProperty, and wxCustomProperty.

Referenced by wxPGProperty::DeleteChoice(), wxPropertyGridInterface::GetPropertyChoices(), wxPGProperty::InsertChoice(), wxPGProperty::SetChoices(), and wxPGProperty::SetChoicesExclusive().

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