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bool wxPGProperty::IsTextEditable (  )  const [inherited]

Returns true if property has editable wxTextCtrl when selected.

Altough disabled properties do not displayed editor, they still return True here as being disabled is considered a temporary condition (unlike being read-only or having limited editing enabled).

Definition at line 2368 of file propgrid.cpp.

References wxPGProperty::GetChildCount(), wxPG_PROP_NOEDITOR, and wxPG_PROP_READONLY.

Referenced by wxPGProperty::GenerateComposedValue().

    if ( HasFlag(wxPG_PROP_READONLY) )
        return false;

    if ( HasFlag(wxPG_PROP_NOEDITOR) &&
         (GetChildCount() ||
          wxPG_String_EndsWith(wxString(GetEditorClass()->GetClassInfo()->GetClassName()), wxT("Button")))
        return false;

    return true;

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