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virtual bool wxPGProperty::IntToValue ( wxVariant &  value,
int  number,
int  argFlags = 0 
) const [virtual, inherited]

Converts 'number' (including choice selection) into proper value 'variant'. Returns true if new (different than m_value) value could be interpreted from the integer.

argFlags If wxPG_FULL_VALUE is set, returns complete, storable value instead of displayable
  • Default implementation may work correctly if used value type is int.
  • If property is not supposed to use choice or spinctrl or other editor with int-based value, it is not necessary to implement this method.
  • If property uses choice control, and displays a dialog on some choice items, then it is preferred to display that dialog in IntToValue instead of OnEvent.
  • You might want to take into account that m_value is Null variant if property value is unspecified (which is usually only case if you explicitly enabled that sort behavior).

Reimplemented in wxSystemColourProperty, wxIntProperty, wxUIntProperty, wxBaseEnumProperty, and wxCustomProperty.

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