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bool wxPGProperty::OnEvent ( wxPropertyGrid propgrid,
wxWindow *  wnd_primary,
wxEvent &  event 
) [virtual, inherited]

Events received by editor widgets are processed here. Note that editor class usually processes most events. Some, such as button press events of TextCtrlAndButton class, should be handled here. Also, if custom handling for regular events is desired, then that can also be done (for example, wxSystemColourProperty custom handles wxEVT_COMMAND_CHOICE_SELECTED).

If the event causes value to be changed, wxPropertyGrid::ValueChangeInEvent(value) should be used.

event Associated wxEvent.
Return values:
Should return true if any changes in value should be reported.
  • If property uses choice control, and displays a dialog on some choice items, then it is preferred to display that dialog in IntToValue instead of OnEvent.

Definition at line 1245 of file propgrid.cpp.

Referenced by wxPropertyGrid::OnCustomEditorEvent().

    return false;

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